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The terms of collection and processing of user’s personal data on this Internet site, as well as other activities concerning the protection and use of personal information have been stated hereinafter. Should the user disagree with the content of the following text, we kindly ask them to refrain from providing their personal information on this website.

Akvilia Unio Ltd. undertakes to protect the privacy of its customers/users. It collects only the indispensable, basic information on customers/users which is required for communication with them (as well as for informing and promotion), providing them with information and the effective promotion of products and informing the customers on methods of their use.

We undergo strict measures to protect all the users’ personal data and it is available only to the employees who require it to meet the objectives of their work tasks.
Akvilia Unio Ltd. shall not in any case provide or disclose the personal data of the users to third parties with the exception of the authorised departments of the state executive authorities of the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of investigative activities upon a legitimate court order.

Users agree to Akvilia Unio Ltd. providing them with materials containing information on promotional offers and news in its product range in writing, over the telephone, by e-mail or using other available methods.

Akvilia Unio Ltd. regularly provides its users with opportunities of choice concerning the use of their personal data, including the possibility to decide on their personal data being removed from the lists used in marketing campaigns.

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This Internet site uses cookies to provide a simplified and the highest quality user experience.

For any additional queries on the methods of use and data privacy we kindly recommend you to contact us using the available contact form or through the provided contact information.


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