About Akvilia Unio Bio

People are in front of the company

We are very happy to skip the usual presentation of companies and simply state – a company is made up of people and only people. Not even the largest organizations can’t survive if they don’t take care of its employees and their needs.

In front of the Akvilia Unio company therefore stands a visionary team of professionals who are committed to their own development and creating prosperity for the whole society – through the placement of high-quality and proven products and services.

That is why the main motto of the company – a healthy lifestyle is the best habit – perfectly reflects the attitude of our workers and our mission.


Darijan Kosic

Welcome to Akvilia Unio Bio,
where we are at your disposal
for any questions about our products and services,
the vision of sustainable business and possible cooperation.

The vision of the company

Expressing social responsibility through commitment to exceed legal requirements, we focus our activities to increase the standards of social development, environmental protection and respect of human rights. Thereby in Akvilia Unio Bio, brand of Akvilia Unio Ltd., we seek righteous and transparent business operations, because this is the only way to generate new partnerships and extends the existing cooperation between the company and the customer in terms of social dialogue.

Every employee is expected to be constantly evolving and within the team takes on new tasks. Who does not succeed in its development, we are helping through encouraging discussion and additional education in order to create a very pleasant and healthy working environment. It is a code of conduct that accepts anyone who comes to work or already working with Akvilia Unio Bio.

Relationships are built through the acquisition of trust, honest attitude and respect for the wishes and needs of partners, suppliers and consumers, but also high quality products.


Available positions

Their ultimate goal? Spread the enthusiasm and awareness of a healthy lifestyle.